nuvo menu dal bolognese roma tortelli

Is it possible, in the heart of the Capital, to taste the dishes of the true Emilian tradition, prepared according to traditional recipes and served in the elegant and refined surroundings of a luxury trattoria? Dal Bolognese, historic restaurant in Piazza del Popolo offers its autumn menu. Let’s find out together.

From salamis to the cart of boiled meat, passing through tortellini.

The menu proposed in the historic Rome location of the Dal Bolognese restaurant collects some of the most popular Emilian recipes, those transmitted from generation to generation, prepared with care and respect:

  • The cured meats are served with the traditional fried dumpling, with which you can accompany specialties such as the Parma ham seasoned for 24 months, the culatello di Zibello, the mortadella di Modena or the hand-cut ham selection “Dok Dall’Ava”.
  • Among the starters you can taste bread, butter and anchovies, creamed salted cod with polenta croutons and spicy tomatoes, the bag of squid, anchovies and fried zucchini, the classic aubergine alla Parmigiana and much more …
  • All the egg pasta, great protagonists of the menu, as tradition wants are homemade: you can choose between the classic Bolognese tagliatelle with beef sauce, the famous tortellini (served with butter and Parmesan, with meat sauce or in broth ), the green lasagna (the real lasagna alla bolognese are green), or purely autumn dishes such as pumpkin tortelli with parmesan fondue and the gramigna with sausage.
  • Among the second courses of meat, the undisputed ladies of the autumn menu is the “cart dei bolliti” (prepared with beef, tongue, hen, veal, head, cotechino and ham), followed by the veal cutlet Bolognese (the one gratinated with ham and parmesan ), from the Fassona tartar, and from Chateaubriand served with buttered potatoes.
  • Of course, do not miss the second courses of fish, which range from the fillet of the day’s catch to the monkfish, from the fillet of sea bream to shellfish with seafood, lobster to Catalan or roasted with melted butter.
  • As for desserts, if the ricotta and pear cake, the three chocolate cake or the berry cheesecake have already made you mouth water, take a look at the new menu, and consider the possibility of coming to visit us.

nuovo menu dal bolognese roma dolci

Dal Bolognese awaits you in Piazza del Popolo 1, in the heart of Rome. The restaurant is open from Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner.

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