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What do Piazza del Popolo, in the historic centre of Rome, and the great Emilian tradition have in common? The culinary proposals of the Dal Bolognese restaurant. Here, cuisine means elegance and recipes carried down through generations, like the one of the mixed boiled meats.

Mixed boiled meats: beyond time and passing trends.

We are proud to offer you every day the classical Bolognese mixed boiled meat dish, the most exhaustive and difficult to find, prepared with meat from:

  • beef
  • veal
  • chicken
  • pork

From the beef, we take the chuck, neck and shoulder together with the sirloin and brisket. From the veal we take the head, the sirloin, the tongue and the chuck together with pork sausage or pig’s trotter.

The mixed boiled meat dish is served in the traditional way: it is kept warm so that the meat cuts can absorb the steaming-hot broth and are ready to be served accompanied by the classic green sauce or fruit mustard.

carello bolliti dal bolognese

The best Emilian cuisine in Rome

The Tomaselli family offers traditional Emilian dishes since the 60s: strong flavours, both simple and beyond passing fads. The restaurant offers an elegant yet cosy atmosphere to savour your meal in one of the interior rooms or outside, enjoying the views of the Piazza del Popolo. The menu offers classical Italian dishes, paying particular attention to the Bolognese cuisine:

  • Selected Emilian cold cuts
  • Fresh, homemade pasta
  • Traditional main courses
  • Seasonal dishes
  • Homemade desserts

And, last but not least, our flagship: one of those dishes that you don’t find in Rome, a classic traditional Bolognese recipe:  the mixed boiled meat dish, which is prepared with specific cuts of meat, and cooked according to the traditional recipe, registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna.

carrello bolliti roma

We are waiting for you to come and experience our mixed boiled meat dish, a truly Emilian tradition under the shadow of the obelisk in Piazza del Popolo.

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