Today we talk about one of the most famous sauces in Italy and in the world, whose original recipe has even been deposited at the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna. We will give you 5 useful tips to cook Bolognese meat sauce just right, so that the result will be as close as possible to the original recipe.

1) Use a large pan

This does not only apply to the Bolognese meat sauce, but for all dishes that require slow cooking. It is always good to choose large pans, with a thick bottom that distributes the heat evenly. Many even suggest using a terracotta pot.

If you were to use a small pan for a lot of meat and vegetables, that would mean not frying them correctly or homogeneously.

2) Finely chopped onions, celery and carrots.

Arm yourself with patience and chop the vegetables finely and by hand. Do not use a mixer, since you would risk ending with a pulp of vegetables.

The pieces must be small enough to be nearly indistinguishable and, in any case, smaller than the meat.

3) Roasting times.

The meat and the vegetables must not by placed in the pan at the same time. The meat takes very little time to be ready, while the vegetables require a bit more. This means that they must be stir fried separately or placed in the pan at different times (first the vegetables and then the meat).

It is not a matter of being picky, if you do not do it this way, you risk to burn the meat and eat raw vegetables.



4) Pay attention to the roasting method.

Apart from cooking them at different times, the vegetables and the meat must be roasted differently:

  • The meat is firstly browned on a high flame, so that it caramelises.
  • The vegetables should be cooked on low heat so that they soften slowly, without burning on the surface.

There is nothing worse than stir-fried meat that looks boiled and “flamb√©” vegetables.

5) The sauce must cook slowly.

The true Bolognese meat sauce must cook for about 3 hours, it must be stirred from time to time and cooked on extremely low heat, so that it barely boils. Only in this way will it season right and reach the perfect cooking point.

Now it’s up to you to get to work!

Dal Bolognese: the authentic meat sauce in Rome and Milan.

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