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Environments collected and refined, reserved and professional service and a cuisine proposal that collects the best dishes of the Italian tradition: these are the reasons that make the Dal Bolognese restaurant, in Piazza del Popolo 1, the location chosen by companies and professionals of the Capital for host their own dinners and corporate events.

For a corporate dinner that makes the difference.

For a long time, the Dal Bolognese restaurant has been the place for many Italian and international companies to organize their business events: from business lunches, to recurring business dinners to exclusive dining dinners, the refined elegance of the rooms is the setting for a ‘Menu offer that collects the best expressions of the most ancient culinary traditions of Italy.

The restaurant has its own spaces available for your dinner or corporate event, to offer the best setting for its guests; the 4 dining rooms of the restaurant serve the specific needs in relation to the degree of privacy, the number of guests, the presence or absence of smokers.

To this is added the possibility to reserve our Dehors, able to offer the unique scenery of Piazza del Popolo and the obelisk among the famous of Rome

In any case, we will be happy to support you to choose the best solution for the type of event you want to organize, and for the Menu to offer to your guests.



cene aziendali roma

Emilia, the real one, in the heart of Rome.

Emiliana cuisine is synonymous with history and tradition. A tradition that is the cornerstone of Italian cuisine, both in Italy and abroad: a solid cuisine, made of strong but simple flavors, of raw materials of the territory.

The Menu that we offer to our guests collects dishes and recipes that meet the refined taste of those who love good food and have made the whole of Italy great:

  •  Appetizers of the best tradition and production: Parma ham, Zibello culatello, Bologna mortadella, Chianina bresaola, served with the classic traditional dumpling.
  • The great classics of Italian and Emilian cuisine: tagliatelle alla Bolognese, green tortelloni with ricotta and spinach, artisan tortellini, green lasagna alla bolognese and tagliolini with culatello di zibello sauce.
  • The second that made us famous: the cart of the Bolliti, the Bolognese cutlet, the veal cutlet alla Milanese, to which are added dishes equally appreciated: English Roast Beef  with mashed potatoes and Chateaubriand served with potatoes and butter the Bernese Classical.


Organizing a corporate dinner that amazes and satisfies our guests is our goal. Contact our contact person for more details on our proposal.

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