It is nearly impossible to describe the Bolognese cuisine in just a few dishes. However, today we want to highlight 4 of the most famous recipes of a culinary tradition envied around the world. Feeling hungry?

1) Tortellini.

We could not start this mini tour along the most popular Bolognese dishes without mentioning the most famous dish: the tortellini, present in Emilian history since 1100.

In Bologna, they are made cutting very thin pasta into squares. The pasta itself is made with fresh eggs and filled with a delicious stuffing made of:

  • Prosciutto
  • Pork loin
  • Eggs
  • Parmesan
  • Nutmeg
  • Salt and white pepper

According to legend, the shape of this speciality originates from an Emilian inn owner, who was awestruck by the belly button of a beautiful woman (some say it was a duchess, others, Venus herself).


cucina bolognese tortellini bolognesi

2) Lasagna.

Together with tortellini, it is probably one of the most popular Italian specialities. At the same time, it is the dish that best represents the richness of Emilian cuisine.

We all know the thin layers of pasta interspersed with meat sauce, but maybe not all are aware of two important details:

  • The meat should be mixed, i.e.: it should contain both beef and pork.
  • The pasta should be porous enough to hold the sauce. Moreover, in the original recipe, the pasta was green (it was prepared with flour, eggs and poached spinach).

What is the secret of a perfect lasagna? To serve it searing hot, as it comes out of the oven, so that its unmistakable aroma can be fully appreciated.

3) Mixed boiled meat dish.

The recipe for the great Bolognese mixed boiled meat dish was registered at the Chamber of Commerce in 2006. It is one of the most beloved dishes by connoisseurs, specially during winter. It is prepared by boiling together different types of meat, vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs for a long time.

This great classic of the Emilian cuisine is prepared using specific cuts from pork, beef and veal meat, finding the perfect equilibrium between them and boiling them slowly, without rush. Let us clear all doubts: if this dish does not use mixed meats, it is not from Bologna.

What is the beauty of this dish? It is served with a selection of sauces (like the green one and one made of peppers) and mustards (like apple or fruit).


cucina bolognese bollito misto

4) Fried gnocco.

It is one of the most simple and quick of the Bolognese recipes, yet one of the most delicious. The gnocco is very tasty, versatile and loved by big and small; it can definitely be the perfect solution for a dinner.

But what is it exactly? It is bread dough that has been fried in lard, served warm together with Emilian cheeses and cold cuts.

This delicacy, known as “crescentina” in Bologna, was invented by the Lombards, who left the recipe to the Emilians after their colonisation.

Probably its name also derives from the Lombard term which means knot (this may have to do with its particular shape).

It does not make sense to describe its taste with words, you just have to try it to understand for yourself!

Dal Bolognese: the best of Emilian cuisine.

cucina bolognese dal bolognese

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